How You're Different

(and why you can't get organized like everyone else!)


MizLizOnBiz (aka Liz Franklin), Comedy Organizer, Author and Speaker bills herself as a Cubicle Anthropologist.

Liz combines humor with the relief of no longer being tagged as socially unacceptable. In the bargain, she's relieved thousands of people of their fear, embarrassment and self-deprecation. Good-bye humiliation, once and for all!

Some excerpts from Miz Liz's work:

"If you've tried to follow the "normal" organizing advice in books, on tape, on TV or from YouTube, and it hasn't worked for you — well, there's a very good reason. It may not be your fault."

Miz Liz discovered, back in prehistoric time when her career started, that 47.5% of the people on earth are Linear, and will tell you to "just clean it up", or "do it the way I do." This seemingly innocent plot to turn us all into milquetoast bureaucrats is the reason your brain is screaming, "I can't do this!"

The other 47.5% are Sparklebrains, who are spilling drinks in your keyboard, waving sparkly things in front of your face, crying about broken fingernails, and in other ways taking up huge galomping swaths of your valuable time.

And then there's YOU, in the remaining, highly rarified 5%. If you are resonating with the above descriptions and vibrating like a volcano about to blow; if you think you're going crazy, ADD, ADHD or Obsessive-Compulsive, pause and take a gander at this.

You may fit the Cross-Dominant profile! If so, you haven't been able to get organized the "normal" way; that would be like making a left-handed person write with their right hand; like stuffing a round peg in a square hole; like cats and dogs living together in sin . . . . well, you get the idea.

Help is on the way! Cross-Dominants have such a need for the overview, and so much distaste for red tape, that their souls are crying out for a simple, effective, easier way to get organized than all the standard, force-fed, one-size-fits-all mumbo jumbo. . . well, here's one place where you'll be understood from the first minute:

Hail, fellow Cross-Dominants, we welcome you! World Domination is our plan; clean-up is miniscule and probably unnecessary; fun is the point.

My goodness; these people would have relegated Albert Einstein to the slow class because his hair looked funny; do you realize the toll they're taking on YOU?

I rest my case.

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