Testimonials: About Miz Liz's Organizing


Liz’s work is fantastic; I’m so happy I hired her. In fact, I even purchased more consulting time with her, which shows how enthusiastic I am about her services.  The result of Liz’s work is that my office can now run far more smoothly, giving me extra time, peace of mind, and putting a smile back on my face. I'm happy to recommend Liz. Her work is top notch.
— K. Wong, Realtor, Sacramento, CA

Liz Franklin doubled my income in one year. You can bet I'm hiring her again!
— J. Robinson, Lafayette, CA

I know that I can attribute $200,000 worth of sales directly to your help.
— C. Eyford, San Francisco, CA

Liz Franklin has increased our income 25% in three months, and more is on the way. Liz delivers. She does what she says and always gives a little extra. Liz has been exactly what our company needed and I recommend her highly. All I have left to say is, Hire Liz!
— Dr. Carol Standen, Folsom, CA

Liz turned us around from breakeven to profitability in just a few short weeks. By my calculations we will save at least 16% in the first few months alone, and increases to that forever after. Liz more than pays her own way. You should be so lucky as to have her work with you.
— R. Munoz, Independent Real Estate Broker, Hayward, CA

My income has increased by 25%; in the last month I’ve added new clients, and I have products in development that will create further income streams far into the future. If you want your business to grow, if you have a new business, or if you just want to jump start things, you must call Liz today. She truly knows what she’s doing and there is nobody on the planet like her. Call Liz today and you will make money too!
— M. Ellis, Property Owner and Manager, Walnut Creek, CA

Contacting Ms. Franklin to evaluate our cluttered office situation and make her recommendations was, without a doubt, one of the smartest moves we ever made. No obstacle was too daunting. Her work was nothing short of a miracle. I cannot recommend Ms. Franklin highly enough. She gets the Big Picture, and your professional life will be better for it. Financially, things are much better as well.
— B. Bechelli, Investor & Property Manager, San Francisco, CA

Working with Liz Franklin is like playing in a sandbox when you were a kid and actually accomplishing something.  Her wit, insight, and irrepressible humor make the process of getting organized a tolerable – even an enjoyable experience. She clearly moved my business forward six months in just two sessions.
— J. Easterbrook, Loan Officer, Fair Oaks, CA
Liz helped us accomplish much better work with 17 people than with 24, and customer complaints are down 85%. Overtime has been reduced 40-60%. Customers are giving us rave reviews. We’re finally getting those old bills paid off. We were happily surprised with our December and January revenue—it was higher than expected! And a $45,000 order just came in!
— P. Smyth, Allegro Copy and Print, Lafayette, CA

There may be no way to calculate all that you have saved us, but I am sure it is at least 10 hours per week, and $30,000 per month—or more. We have reduced wasted time at least 20%.
— L. Vriones, 1031 Exchanges, Oakland, CA

Liz is worth her weight in gold alone for solving such long-term problems as chronic disorganization, office reorganization and much more. Liz is worth top dollar because she does it all quickly and cheerfully. We have hired her on two occasions, and came to rely on her trustworthiness, helpfulness, and ability to get the job done – and more. We will happily hire Liz again, and we think you should, too.
— E. Lemm, Sacramento, CA

Liz, we could not have moved on such short notice without you. I am very grateful for all you did for us — and I learned so much from your insights and wisdom that I will carry with me always.
— L. Ehrig, Palo Alto, CA

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