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You clearly have a talent and a passion for what you do. Thanks again.
— Colleen Barrett, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX


Liz was a pleasure to work with on a professional level. She was timely, responsive, and worked with us to tailor her tips for our audience.
— R. McGowan, Director US Sales Leadership, Avon Products, NY, NY


Although it’s difficult to put an overall dollar value on our obvious gained efficiencies, the benefits ultimately extend beyond reduced cost and reduced stress—PRICELESS!
— H. Argyres, Mgr, Employee Development, EBMUD, Oakland, CA


Liz Franklin tackles every project with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, hits the target and requires minimal direction. When you want results, call on Liz.
— S. Publicover, Boston, MA


When you work with Liz you get top-notch talent that turns into money!
— W. Mason Preddy, White Brights, Washington DC


Liz has been a hoot! I’ve found her work so fantastic! Upbeat, positive, optimistic and very farsighted, Liz has helped me go above and beyond, to see possibilities I could not have seen without her. Already I see improvements to my business and income. For this reason, I’m happy to recommend Liz. Her work continues to astonish and delight me. — T. Balbiani, Fair Oaks, CA  


Liz turned us around from breakeven to profitability in just a few short weeks. By my calculations we will save at least 16% in the first few months alone, and increases to that forever after. Liz more than pays her own way. You should be so lucky as to have her work with you. — R. Munoz, Hayward, CA


Liz’s work is fantastic; I’m so happy I hired her. IMy office can now run far more smoothly, giving me extra time, peace of mind, and putting a smile back on my face. I'm happy to recommend Liz. Her work is top notch.
— K. Wong, Sacramento, CA


Liz helped us achieve a 700% return in 8 months!
— T. Steiner, Fremont, CA


My income has increased by 25%. If you want your business to grow, if you have a new business, or if you just want to jump start things, you must call Liz today. She truly knows what she’s doing and there is nobody on the planet like her. Call Liz today and you will make money too!
— M. Ellis, Property Owner and Manager, Walnut Creek, CA


Liz works fast, remains respectful, is firm and kind to all involved, yet gets the job done cleanly. I’m happy to recommend Liz Franklin unreservedly.
— L. Bode, The Second Opinion, San Francisco, CA


If you hire Liz Franklin you’ll be glad you did --- we are.
— B. Gallion, Five Star Restoration and Reconstruction, Gold River, CA