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"I'm astonished! I read this book and discovered $7,000 lying under lost papers. Once you follow Liz's fun but wise advice, you open the doors for money to come to you faster than you can say, 'Read this book now!'"

— Joe Vitale, author of "Spiritual Marketing"


“Franklin’s book is full of laughs and useful information for organizing office space—whether it’s at home or work, or is used by one person or many…Franklin offers fun ways to test your office mates’ personalities. . . Bosses will also benefit from the insight.”

— The Oakland Tribune


“Really long title, pretty funny stuff.  Franklin believes you can blame most clutter on your furniture. She has other usefully wacky ideas, too.”

— The San Francisco Chronicle


“(Franklin) approaches this serious matter of chaos and clutter with the humor needed to tackle an office space, whether at work or at home. . . Part of Franklin’s appeal as a writer is her way of directing questions and information to the reader. (Franklin) sprinkles her advice with lots of amusing asides, which turn what could otherwise be a rather dull subject into an entertaining read.”

— The Montclarion


How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson is every bit as much fun to read as its title suggests, and it makes sense. . . .Throughout, Franklin emphasizes that the system that works is the one that works for the individual.

— The Latrobe Bulletin


“(Franklin’s) descriptions of work personalities, organizing styles, and access types are clever, comedic, and useful . . . it does away with the axiom that every other how to get organized plan stresses and allows you to handle a piece of paper more than once without feeling guilty or inefficient.  If you follow the book chapter by chapter you will definitely be better organized like it or not.  If used in an office setting everyone should have a copy of the book.”

— Heartland Reviews


“Isn’t it a relief to know that your office was disorganized, not you?”

— The Nob Hill Gazette


"Liz Franklin throws out the tired old organizing myths and frees the hopelessly cluttered to create their own colorful path to order.  It really works!"

— Naomi Lucks,


"Liz Franklin is really the guru for getting organized.  I don't believe she has overlooked any organizational problem in her new book, How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson."  Clever, practical, and "I wish I’d thought about that" is what you will be saying before you put this book down."

— Mary Hardeman-Schulze, Publisher, Bay Area's Best Enterprises


"Liz provides essential wisdom to determine your Work Personality,

Access Type and Organizing Style.  You won't believe how truly easy

it is to get organized."

— Jacqueline Kelly, Secretariat, Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents


"Need to get organized?  Adapt the process to your needs—instead of your needs to the process.  With great wit, Liz shows you how."

— Elizabeth A. Wright, Owner, History In Progress


“Your book is innovative and fresh!”

— Jennifer Vernon, San Ramon Chamber of Commerce


“Your book totally rocks!”

— C. Mattress, Modesto, CA


“The witty comments and hilarious writing style kept me entertained through the entire book. She has turned what would be a tedious and boring subject into a fun and simple task, making my work more efficient and (my) life more relaxing.”

— Emily Howard, student, San Luis Obispo, CA


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