Testimonials: About Miz Liz's Speaking

“Liz was engaging, humorous, and focused. She effectively captured the attention of our diverse audience. Her strategies were tactical, relevant, and easy to apply. Most importantly, her strategies gave the group the tools needed to focus on improving their businesses. Liz was a pleasure to work with on a professional level. She was timely, responsive, and worked with us to tailor her tips for our audience.”

— Robin McGowan, Director US Sales Leadership, Avon Products, NY, NY

“Just a note to recommend Liz Franklin and her wonderful training to you! Attendees, warmed up by her disarming directness and humor, were particularly pleased by the practicality and simplicity of her techniques! Although it’s difficult to put an overall dollar value on our obvious gained efficiencies, the benefits ultimately extend beyond reduced cost and reduced stress—PRICELESS!”
— Helen Argyres, Manager of Employee Development, East Bay Municipal Utilities District, Oakland, CA

“What a great presentation! Everyone was impressed. I know I speak for everyone when I say you have been one of the best speakers we have ever had.”
— P. Smurthwaite, American Business Capital

“What a delightful evening! Everything made so much sense.”
— Janet M. Leyte-Vidal, Swinerton Builders

“You were a smash hit!”
— Elizabeth A. Wright, Owner, HISTORY IN PROGRESS

“You have the exceptional quality to make a speech entertaining and humorous, while still having a strong/meaningful content. You encouraged participation by the audience, which increased group dynamics. I think everyone left the room feeling happier than when they entered it – anyway, I did. Looking forward to seeing you again!”
— Bonnie Godfrey, Bonnie Godfrey & Associates

“The survey results indicated that you were a huge success! Thanks again!”
— Roberta Dacong, American Business Women’s Association

“It works! I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar at the Office Depot trade show. Your enthusiasm and humor was very refreshing. I wished the seminar was all day.”
— T. York, Rust Environment & Infrastructure

“When I attended your session I felt energized. I walked away with some great ideas on how to find that time! Great energy with the participants laughing while we learned. I would definitely attend again.”
— T. Ward, Walt Disney Attractions

“Thank you for such an uplifting approach to getting organized.  I thought you were simply delightful.  I came home very jazzed and confident. Your presentation was fun-filled with good examples, jokes, and animation.  Thank you again for such a lovely approach to a not-so-fun task.”
 — Vivian Snyder

“You are contagious!  Your wit is very cool.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Your tips make so much sense.  I learned a lot. You have given me hope.”
— Laura Chacon

“When I came home I was so motivated that I recruited 7 people the very next day, and one of them recruited 8 people the very next day. I was thrilled after your class! I learned a lot. I finally know who I am.”
— Maria Jackson

“I have had the pleasure of working with Liz on several occasions, and she has been a great boon to my direct selling business. Both my customer and downline base have grown exponentially since our session together. I would recommend Liz to everyone!”
— Cathy Alexander, Avon, Arlington, TX

“What a wonderful speaker. You gave me info that I could easily use to change my life. I hope to be able to hear you again. Thanks for being here.”
— Joy Cruz    

“Your talk was so fantastic!!!  Would love to hear you again!!!”
— Beth Vigil

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