“The first thing Liz did for me was to "give me a raise": She showed me just how high I could increase my income, and how to support it with collateral. Then she created two more streams of income for me, and saw the entire thing through with her meticulous work. She never quailed at important deadlines; she came up with an entirely new website, she worked seamlessly with people out of state; she even achieved international exposure for me, and more. Hiring Liz expanded my reach, my earnings, and even my view of myself.”

— B. Keeter, Championship Investing

“We are very pleased with the outcome.  We were very impressed with Liz’s work ethic, communication with our team members, quick understanding of our needs, timely delivery, and willingness to work to our exact specifications. The end product was extremely well done, and Liz added a polish and professionalism that we are convinced contributed toward us reaching our goal.  We are confident that due to Liz’s contributions, we will see an increase in income, visibility, and our reputation enhanced. If you hire Liz Franklin you’ll be glad you did --- we are.”

— Brenda Gallion, Owner, Five Star Restoration and Reconstruction, Gold River, CA

“Liz helped me design a business of my own, and showed me how to market it. She even wrote a book for me, so now I'm an author! I can get clients just by showing them my book.  Liz knows exactly how to walk you through marketing your business, increasing your fees, giving you wider coverage, improving your sales, and she always comes through.  I recommend her services highly."

— L. Kirk, "All Accounted For," Chico, CA

“Liz works fast, follows instructions and then gives even more. She taught me so much, helped me make my sales materials more cohesive, and even came up with a theme — all in a few hours. When you work with Liz you get top-notch talent that turns into money!”

— W. Mason Preddy, White Brights, Washington DC

“Liz has an intuitive way of grasping the fundamentals. When you couple that with a fierce intelligence, it comes as no surprise that she's an excellent researcher. Less than 24 hours after a five-minute phone call and a short email from me, she delivered a concise outline of answers the questions I asked, and managed to include answers to questions I hadn't even thought of. It's hard to put a price on both quality and timeliness, but because Liz freed me to do more important things, I consider her work more of an investment than an expense.”

— Jim Cooley, Seattle, WA

"Liz Franklin tackles every writing project with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Her copywriting hits the target and she requires minimal direction. When you want written materials that deliver results, call on Liz."

— S. Publicover, Boston, MA

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