How to Vanquish Your Office Vampire

Do you have an Office Vampire?

Is morale getting worse?
Is the office chaotic?
Are people overly emotional?
Is money draining away?
Are you tired of being too nice?
Are you afraid of being too mean?
Are you ready to have the monster gone?

Office Vampires can drain your entire business of time, money, fun and morale. 

An Office Vampire is a person who uses sneaky tactics, emotional manipulation, or even illegal methods to undermine others, get attention, gain control, and even embezzle funds or commit sexual harassment.



Vampire Vanquisher Liz Franklin
specializes in Office Vampire Removal


Liz Franklin rescues businesses from vicious, destructive Vampires, so they can no longer hurt others and drain your lifeblood.

Liz's clients are more profitable, immensely relieved and enjoy much-improved morale. Even their communications at home are easier and more fun as a result of working with Liz.

Liz is currently working on her new book, "How to Vanquish Office Vampires Without Resorting to Garlic."



“Liz resolved our issue painlessly. The vampire is gone! Liz works fast, remains respectful, is firm and kind to all involved, yet gets the job done cleanly. Please call me with any questions. I’m happy to recommend Liz Franklin unreservedly.”
— Lori Bode, Director of Operations, The Second Opinion – San Francisco

"There may be no way to calculate all that you have saved us, but I’m sure it’s at least 10 hours per week and $30,000 per month – or more. We have reduced wasted time at least 20%.”
— L. Vriones, Office Manager, 1031 Tax Exchanges

"As a result of your intervening with our employee, she has developed the skills needed to cope, and now performs her job without the abuse and harassment. You were instrumental in solving our problem, and since then she has not stepped over the line once. It continues to be a relief to the other employees. I do not believe I could have resolved the problem without your help, because I was too close to it. Thank you for solving a long-term problem in a short period of time.”
— B. Benton, Proper Management

“I work for a man who is very demeaning and unappreciative. I never had the guts to say or do anything about it. You taught me how to assert myself productively. I have learned how to let him know in a professional, firm way that I will not tolerate it. I wanted you to know what a difference you have made in my life.”
— P. Wilson

“You were able to spot and fix a hidden problem that was costing me thousands of dollars. In a very short period of time, you jumped on it and stopped the money leak, and ended up saving me what could have been thousands more. You are worth every penny and more! Thanks again for delivering so much service for such a relatively low price. Please consider this a recommendation. Hey, everybody! Liz stopped our money and energy leak; she can stop yours too!”
— B. Cerkleski, Owner

“We estimated as much as $350,000 lost over the years, but thanks to you – never again! We have reduced wasted time at least 20% and no longer have to deal with a particular employee’s passive-aggressive behavior. The atmosphere in the office is immeasurably lighter, and I can happily say I enjoy coming to work! Perhaps best of all, my wife is thrilled because now I come home smiling instead of angry and frustrated! I got so much more than I expected that I can happily say every penny was well spent. Thanks again for an enlightening experience.”
— L. Kendall, Prinicipal