Book Marketing and Development

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Liz knows exactly how to walk you through marketing your business, increasing your fees, giving you wider coverage, improving your sales, and she always comes through. I recommend her services highly.

— L. Kirk, Owner, All Accounted For

Hiring Liz expanded my reach, my earnings, and even my view of myself.

— B. Keeter, Championship Investing

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Miz Liz will…

• Save you time and money

• Help brand you as an expert in your field

• Teach you how to get free publicity

• Provide advice on how to hit prime targets

• Focus your content to increase sales

• Recommend related products to augment book sales

• Offer more ways to magnetize buyers

… and show you how to re-purpose your content for spin-offs, articles, blog posts, serialization and more!

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When you work with Liz you get top-notch talent that turns into money!

— W. Mason Preddy, White Brights, Washington DC