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What's different about you?

• What can you deliver that no one else can? That no one else can even claim to deliver?

• How will your buyers see you as the best option for them?

• Which decision criteria are important to your buyers?

These are just a few of the questions we work through — and then answer — to make your website attract the best buyers possible.

What's different about us?

• We incorporate both the technical and the artistic — not just one or the other

• We listen. We start with what YOU want, then advise and design to pull in even more of your goal

• We work fast. Want changes to your site? New content? It'll be up there fast, fast, fast.

• We're positive, upbeat and cheerful

• We don't try to explain every little change to you; we just take care of business (but we're happy to explain if you want!)

• We're project-based, so we get in, do the job and get out

• Your website will be complete: not a quickie, generic or average-looking site

• Our specialty: Finding benefits in what you offer that you may not have even considered!

Miz Liz provides your website with the kind of differentiation that zooms it to the top of search engines everywhere.

And we handle your branding updates, too!

Branding is so much more than just having a logo. Most websites have a logo — but that's not enough to cause customers to rush to buy from you. After all, your brand is so much more than just your logo.

Content counts, too — big time. Ask us about refreshing your content because it can make all the difference.

When your website pulls in traffic that sticks — and the dollars that reflect that stickiness — it's because your site includes all the elements of branding, not just a logo.

Now that's a hot site!

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