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Miz Liz can help you with all facets of book publishing, including

1.       Marketing and promoting books and authors

2.       Branding books and managing marketing campaigns

3.       Handling media for books

4.       Media lists and contacts

5.       Writing and editing, especially marketing-related

6.       Speaking, including coaching authors on the speaking industry, buyers, content, titles, etiquette, etc.

7.       Managing content, including writing mailings, postcards, one-sheets, etc.

8.       Writing and publishing p-books, e-books, p- and e-newsletters; and articles

9.       Serving as a book coach

10.     Guiding authors through the publishing process

11.     Setting up and conducting bookstore readings; coaching authors on bookstore pricing, distribution, policies, politics and more

12.     Setting up media interviews, including print, radio and TV (please see the links below to some of my own interviews, including MSNBC)

13.     Creating websites, from parking URLs to going live, including writing, branding and tailoring content

14.     Public speaking, including one-sheets, e-kits, topics and titles; advising on how to give presentations, PowerPoint and related graphics; what topics sell to which groups; working with meeting planners and speakers bureaus; membership in groups like the National Speakers Association and more

15.     Obtaining, managing and explaining ISBNs, bar codes, CIPs and more

16.     Garnering distribution contracts and fulfilling them on a long-term basis

17.     Understanding and managing the entire packing, shipping and invoicing (fulfillment) process for books, including discounts, time frames, payment, etc.

18.     Explaining and obtaining copyrights and trademarks, including walking authors through the application process or doing it for them

19.     Uploading to, BookBaby, and other digital sites; explaining their processes, including Amazon’s own form of ISBN, etc.

20.     Drafting book cover designs, working with book designers, planning ahead for incorporating covers into one-sheets, more

21.     Working with and understanding cooperative programs

22.     Working with printers

Miz Liz is a non-fiction and business writer, editor, publisher, and book marketer who has published her own books, e-books, articles, promotion, columns and more, and has served as a book coach to others, helping them publish their own (including warning them away from internet scams.)

She has seen books through every step from planning, marketing, writing, editing, distribution contracts, and printing, to placement in and sales via big chain stores; and has managed p-books through conversion to e-books, as well as attending American Book Association, American Library Association and other book-related conventions and shows.

Liz is also the author of "How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson" and other books.



Writing a book is like having a baby, and producing — publishing — that book is like raising a child.

Now, with digital presses, print-on-demand, e-books, and so many more changes happening faster and faster in the publishing industry, you need a book coach to see you through all the steps.

What's involved in getting your book out there?

It depends on whether you want your book in bookstores and libraries, or just an e-book. In either case, there are many steps including copyrights and registrations, determining price and discounts, distribution contracts, uploads to e-sites, metadata and more.

Why is it so complicated?

Because, just as with any product, creating it is just the first step. To get it into a form you can sell is an entirely different project, and marketing it is something yet again.

Can you market your own book?

Sure; many people sell books at speeches, out of the back of their cars, and so on. But if you want your book in a bookstore, you need to learn their rules, because they're not going to change to accomodate you — there are just too many authors and publishers out there.


How much does it cost?
Every book is different. Call Liz for more information, and we can discuss your budget.

Bottom line:

There's a lot to learn, if you want to do it right.

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